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Speaking Life  Believing Truth

Having Fun!

Because the words we speak hold the power to

build up & tear down...life & death...


I choose to speak life!

We have the choice to believe many things, ...society, social media, friends & family, authority figures, even our thoughts...you name it, everyone have an option about who we are, what we are to be doing, and how to do it but not all of it is truth. 

God's Word is truth!

I choose to believe truth!

Jesus came that we may no only have eternal life

but also that we may enjoy it.

I choose to have fun!

I can not accept a world where the possibilities are endless, but only for those who are exposed to them! I want to be the catalyst that unlocks and propels others out of their boxes into their potential because our lives are only limited by our ability to dream.

Meet Missy 

Hi...I am Missy! Though I am older than I like to admit, I am still a kid at heart.  I enjoy simple joys like silly jokes, ice cream cones and singing with the Veggie Tales. 


I encourage women who secretly dream of living a more fulfilling life. I give them tools that help them discover that life while learning how they are designed.


Through my books, speaking, and teaching, I give women tools and strategies that are practical and easy to apply; guiding women into the process of discovering their purpose and destiny and learning how they are designed by God while having fun, too.

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