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Missy Helderman




YES! I am the Bra Lady, the owner of The Bra Market in Jasper, IN and a Certified Fitter of Mastectomy (CFm).


I guess it can be said that I am passionate about helping ladies find the right fit...whether it's in the Body of Christ or in the right bra. Both are important!


Our motto: From big to small, we support them all! 

Fact #5

Once a Bra Lady, always a Bra Lady

Wedding Dress.jpg

When I was in grade school, my favorite thing to “design”  wedding dresses.  I would spend hours drawing…bows and sashes, puff sleeves and veils.  They were always huge ball gowns. 


Many years later, my mom and I designed and made my wedding dress. Of course it was huge ball gown…so huge it wouldn’t fit through a door!

Fact #7

A designer at heart

Girl Scouts copy.gif

I sold 150 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. This was back when you didn’t have to think twice about sending your kids out to sell things door to door. 


My parents would tell me how good I was at it and would “allow” me to go with my brother and sister to sell their Boy Scout popcorn, magazine subscriptions, and every other fundraiser that came along…probably because I didn’t know a stranger! 


The funny thing is that, although I was great at it, I did not like it!

Fact #9

Top Cookie Sales


Randy and I have been married for 25 years.


We met on a blind date and got married 13 months and 16 days later…because I dreamed of a September wedding and wanted sapphires in my wedding ring. 

Fact #11

Love at first sight

school pic.jpg

I never dreamed I would be an author. I had no interest in english, grammar or writing in school. I would much rather be in art or math class.


I did write my first book, "Loving Planet Earth" in 5th grade. It was not a New York Best Sellers but I did win the Martin Luther King Writing Contest my senior year of high school with my paper I was required to write entitled “I Have a Dream!” 


I wish I could read that paper now.  Hmmm…I wonder what I wrote.

Fact #6

Author? Really?


My favorite healthy foods: Chocolate & Ice cream!


Because chocolate comes from a bean and ice cream is made from milk, I am convinced that they count toward my daily requirements of vegetables and dairy…


I am SURE that’s how it works!

Fact #8

Ice Cream!!

Missy 2.jpg

Confession time: Though my hair does have natural auburn highlights, I like to “enhance” the red a bit…ok, a lot! I have been coloring it for years now. 


It started in high school when I would color it bright red to “match” one of my best friends Michelle who had beautiful naturally red curly hair. I have been everything from dark auburn to fire engine red. 


The way I look at it is this: As long as I have a choice…I will choose to be a redhead!

Fact #10

The red is real!... real pretty.


Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet! Though I was taught this by my Papaw, I blame…I mean brother and sister, for me “not knowing a stranger”. 


We would go to the local amusement park all the time.  Because they were close in age, they ALWAYS wanted to ride the rides together, which meant that I had to either ride alone or with the stranger. 


Well, I always had to at least say “Hi”; then the conversation would go from there…LOL!

Fact #12

Strangers? Nah!

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