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Missy Helderman


Because the words we speak hold the power to

build up & tear & death...


I choose to speak life!


Encouraging and challenging ladies of ALL ages to discover how

they have been designed by God and to pursue their full potential...


That is my passion!


Building up & equipping righteous and anointed women to bring

glory to God by BOLDLY & FREELY being who they were created to be...


That is my mission!

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For more than a decade, Missy truly enjoys speaking in a variety of venues including women's events such as retreats, workshops, and luncheons. She has spoken to groups at corporate and ministry events across the United States.


Her presentation style is fun, honest, and relatable. She speaks from the heart & personal experience. Missy presents truths in a simple and applicable way and strive to give ladies tools & strategies to help grow in Biblical truth, deepen relationship with God and to discover their place in the Body of Christ.

Some of her most requested topics include:


  • Discovering Your Unique Design & God-Given Purpose

What makes us each unique? Our design! We have been intentionally created for purpose & destiny. Discover your design…Find your purpose!


  • Find Your Fit in the Body of Christ…and Bras

Settling for less than your BEST FIT... not only in bras but your God-given purpose? We are designed to fill a unique place in the Body of Christ. We just have to find it.


  • Come & Rest: Finding Rest for Your Soul

Jesus speaks of two rests in Matthew 11, the gift of rest and the treasure of rest. It is important to know the difference and how we can obtain them.

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  • Resting & Refueling

Life is demanding!  R&R is a powerful tool that can change how we approach & tackle those demands. We have been given the power...if we chose to use it!

  • Bra 101

Finding a bra that fits well and feels great can feel impossible​ unless you know what you are looking for. The right fit brings with it confidence & comfort.

Official Bio

Missy Helderman is a life speaking, overcoming, passionate woman of God who loves seeing others walk in purpose & destiny…living the life God dreamt for them. 


Missy is an entrepreneur, speaker, and author of She Believes: Uniquely Designed with Purpose in Mind and She Believes: Discovery Journal.  


Through her books, talks, and social media, she encourages women to discover and embrace all God has for them and to walk out God’s plan for their lives freely and boldly.


When she is not writing or speaking, you can find her and her husband Randy living in Dubois where she stays busy finishing her Masters Degree in Ministry, running her business, The Bra Market, and dreaming up new projects to get into.

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Remember, the Father is the one who knows us the best. He knows where we are heading and the best way to get us there.


"Our women's group enjoyed Missy as she shared her story and encouraged us to know we all have been created with unique gifts and talents for a divine purpose!"

Lynda Zelenka, Associate Pastor Foundry Church

"Missy was the guest speaker at our fall women's event at my church.  She inspired and encouraged all of us to realize and  remember that God has uniquely designed each of us for His purpose.  She challenged us to take a leap of faith and "step out of our box" to discover our true identity."

Diane, Houston, TX

"Missy’s message is uplifting and awakens your heart and mind to a new or renewed journey with Christ. She is a blessing to those who hear her and take it to heart."


Kerry, Cypress, TX

"Missy's absolute faith in our Heavenly Father and enthusiasm is infectious"


Donna, Santa Claus, IN

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Missy available to travel and speak to groups…large or small. Retreats, conferences, breakfasts, luncheons, Bible study groups, or club gatherings…you name it…the options are ENDLESS!


She currently scheduling events for 2020 and beyond...So this is the perfect time to let her know what you have in mind.


Drop us a note, and let'sstart a conversation!


We look forward to hearing from you.  Let us know what you have in mind.  Share as much information as you can, then we'll get in touch with you ASAP. 

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