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Missy Helderman


You know GOD HAS A PLAN for your life 

but you can’t seem to figure what THAT is.


but you wonder… Is THIS really it?

 You secretly dream of LIVING A MORE FULFILLING LIFE but you don’t know how to get THERE?

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Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who is secure in the unique way

God made her!

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Are you feeling like a round peg in a square hole & wondering if you will ever find where you fit?


Maybe eager to walk in purpose, but not sure what that purpose is?


Have you come to the point in life where you are asking…

”Is this all there is?”


I TOTALLY understand.  These books are for you!


Both my book She Believes: Uniquely Designed with Purpose in Mind and the workbook She Believes: Discovery Journal invites you to take a ride on your bicycle to discover your unique God-given design and beyond.  


Through thought-provoking questions, faith building exercises, prayer, and more, I take you on a journey that helps you to uncover intricate details of the design that God created in you for purpose and destiny.

They are wonderful tools that will help you discover, embrace, & CELEBRATE your God-given design.  


So grab your Bible, your copy of She Believes: Uniquely Designed with Purpose in Mind book, and your favorite pen.  


Dust off that banana seat, and prepare for a truly life-changing journey!

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Additional Resources

Links, Lists, and other items to help you in this journey have been gathered in one spot.  Check them out.

My Journey

This started a 7-year journey, led by God to discover, embrace, and celebrate the unique way God has designed me and how I have been created for purpose and destiny to make an impact on others’ lives.

No longer do I believe that I am flawed; instead I believe…

We are beautifully designed by God’s own hand. He doesn’t make junk!


No longer do I have to change to be loved, accepted, or to succeed; instead I believe…


We are loved by God NO MATTER WHAT!

We have been equipped to do everything God plans for us.


No longer do I feel ashamed of dreaming for more; instead I believe….


God has BIG plans and dreams for us BEYOND what we imagine.


It has not been an easy journey but worth every moment. It has strengthened my relationship with God as He has shown me how He intentionally fashioned every detail of my design, allowed me to see how He sees me, and revealed plans and dreams He has for me.


I’m impacting others just like I dreamed…but BETTER!


Through my writing and speaking, I have been given the opportunity to share this amazing journey, encouraging and guiding others to discover their God-given design and move toward the fulfilling life God planned and dreamed for them.

I can help you!


Are you ready to start this journey to discover who God has designed you to be?


With the book She Believes: Uniquely Designed with Purpose in Mind

and workbook She Believes: Discovery Journal, I take you step by step through the process that God took me through.


It will change how you see yourself and point you toward a life beyond your hopes and dreams!

It's the deliberate, intentional, &

purposeful actions that will propel

you into your purpose.

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A note from the Author...

What I gained from my journey God took me through to discover my design is simply priceless to me. Not only did I gain confidence, freedom, and healing in learning who I was created to be (and not to be), I also experienced a deeper understanding of God’s love for me while it strengthened my relationship with Him.


I want to share that journey with you and give you tools to be successful!


My desire in writing She Believes book and She Believes: Discovery Journal was to share the step by step process God took me through so you too can discover how you been uniquely design for His purpose.

The questions and exercises in the Discovery Journal are the same questions that fill the pages and pages of my journals. They are the same questions I asked...and answered...myself. Some were easier than others for me, but all of the questions, no matter how random or silly, were beneficial to the process and shed light on the details of my God-given design.

My prayer is that, in sharing this journey, you too, will see and experience things beyond your expectation while you discover your unique design.


I can promise you that this journey of discovery WILL impact your life and those around you in amazing ways...if you allow it to.

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What they are saying

She Believes set me on the path to solving the puzzle of who I really am. As a survivor of abuse, rape, bullying, and suicidal thoughts, I was completely lost. I felt as if I had no purpose in this life, and that God had somehow dismissed and overlooked me. I learned the contrary. My battle has already been won. My gifts and abilities are hand picked for me, by God, so that I can do what he has planned for me in ministry, in a role that only I can fill. 

— Christy

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